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MDI progress 06-July-2008

MDI has had some good news since we got the computers and internet presence.
We are now linked to other development partners. Hope worldwide got us from the web and contacted us to assist them in training their OVC (Orphans Vulnerable Children) care givers on livestock production.
This is aimed at enhancing sustainable income for the orphans.

Thursday, 17 April 2008


> Members of OVC



This memorandum of understanding sets out arrangements for a working relationship and responsibilities in development of livestock production between MDI and Mtito Andei breeders within the Mtito Andei Division of Makueni District for a period of five years.

There is need for capacity building of local farmers in dry land and vulnerable areas to be responsible of livestock development in future. The participation of local farmers in development initiatives with MDI are essential in ensuring that any good work initiated by the community for the benefit of the local society is carried on into the future.MDI believes that local individual farmers are best situated to carry on any appropriate technologies and approaches for effective community development .This way ,sustainability is essential.

The aim of this partnership is to work together to improve livelihood security of the Agro –pastoralists in Mtito Andei Division, through breed improvement, Animal health, improved livestock production and product marketing .MDI /Farmers /aspire to work jointly to the livestock development and marketing with the collaboration of local stake holders and institutions in Mtito Andei Division.
Community mobilization on breed management and animal health initiative.
Improve on livestock production through breed multiplication and diversification.
Improvement of farm income from livestock and livestock products through better access to market and market information.
Capacity building of farmers in livestock production management.
Promote sustainable food production strategies.

The term of the MOU shall commence from 1st Day the farmers receives the first pure breed and end after five years .Despite that the farmer must adhere to the replication guiding rules.

In accordance with breed management strategy MDI will make the male breed available to the farmer up to a maximum of two years of service and then be reprocessed by MDI to given to another farmer.
For each of the female breed issued to a farmer, the farmer shall surrender the first three kids to the project for distribution to others.
The farmer will own the female breed permanently after returning the first three pure line offspring's as stipulated in 5.2.
The entire male breed issued by MDI to the farmers for services will remain as MDI property.
The breeds should allow the community livestock females be served by the males supplied to them by MDI at a fee of 50/= Ksh. This will keep the farmer in health management expenses.

General care of the breed.
Health management
Control of the breed
Proper feeds and watering
Routine livestock management.
Date heat sign seen.
Date served
Date of birth
Birth weight
Identification of the breed.
The farmer must agree to utilize the first breeding stock supplied to him/her by MDI in strict accordance with the guiding rules given this agreement.
The breeding stock will be channeled to only serious farmer's adhering to the conditions given here in the MOU.
Monitoring follow up will be carried by MDI staff and committee any farmer misundling the breed it will be withdrawn and given to another farmer.
MDI further agrees to reposes the breed if the farmer declares unable to maintain the animal.

The parties agree to carry out their respective responsibilities in accordance with the provision of the present agreement and to undertake the activities in accordance with MDI aim and procedures.

The MDI Responsibilities :-
Provide breed as per the approved species /type and capacity to acquire.
Avail breeds management skills to the breeders.
Introduce new improved livestock breeds for increased quality livestock production.
Follow ups and monitoring the performance and impact of the programme.
Fund rising for acquiring more breeds to diversify the programme.
Distribute F1. generations offering to other farmers.


a) Multiplication
b) Improving local breeds.
General care and security of the breed.
Health management
Feeding and watering
control of the breed
Heat date
Date served
Rejection or acceptance
Date of birth

Weighing the kid
Identification of breed.

For each one ewe issued to a farmer ,the farmer will surrender three kids
back to the project at the age of six months
The ewe will be owned by the farmer and the ram remains as a project property.
Rams will be rotated after every two years.
The breeders should allow the community ewes to be served at a fee of 50/- per service .This 50/- will form fund to maintain the livestock administered by the breeders.


The meeting started with a word of payer by Dr. John Maundu, at 11.00 am. The Chairperson opened the meeting by welcoming every body.
The board meeting was attended by the following participants:-


Dr. John Maundu 1. Grace Mwaniki
Mr. Daniel Kamuti 2. Titus Kisavi
Mr. Edward Kiio 3. Eric Kisiangani
Mrs Alice Ngosi 4. Antony Njogu
Mrs Anna Kioko
Peter Mang`ala
Laurence Chenge ITDG.
Jacobus Kiilu MACOSUD

Previous minutes
Matters arising from the minutes
Plan of the stake holders meeting
Report of the schedules activities.

Minute 1/4/12/2004 :- The previous minutes read and confirmed as true copies of the resolutions made during the last meeting.

Matters arising: Min 2/4/12/2004 The hiring of CEO is deferred until MDI is financially stable to accommodate such a one.

MIN 3/4/12/2004 The trap repair materials which were budgeted was bought by the treasurer Annah Kioko and Alice Ngosi as it was planned.

MIN 4/4/12/2004: Fund raising methods that can be used by MDI.

Sensitize the community on member's contribution for the purpose of supporting the project operations.
The F/Officer to prepare a list of all the people owing some money and bring the list to the board so that it can help MCC to follow such funds.
The project bucks are yet to be old for exchange.
a) Bee keeping proposal to MAP to be followed early January.
b) Proposal to CACC to be followed.
The chairman has talked the Mr. Eric ITDEG about the printer and still making a follow up.

MIN 5/4/12/2004. Stake holders meeting to discuss MDI constitution in relation to the working partner groups in Mtito Andei development strategies.
MDI should ensure it has recognized all its constituencies with its operation areas. This requires a clear representation during such a meeting.

The following groups can be termed as the current constituencies of MDI.
Board members

MCC members both Kathekani and Nthongoni
Bee keeping groups
Seed bank groups
Rural transport groups
Tree Nursery groups.

The other stake holders but observers are:-
ITDG representative
MACOSUD representative
Kiboko Tsetse representative

Participants from these groups should be left free to the groups to have their own democratic appointments of their own representatives in the work shop.There letters to be written to the group leaders to hold meetings with members to select those who will represent them and forward the names to MDI office before 20/12/2004 for invitation letters to be prepared.
The stake holder's workshop is proposed to be on 14/15/1/2005 at Kambu Lutheran Guest House.

AOB MIN 6:4/12/2004 .Mr. Jacobus (MACOSUD) advised the board to put in place policies that will be guiding the working systems of MDI.He still went on said we should deal with issues as functions but not at personal level. He advised that there some issues that as a board ,we have to bear the cross because they are the live of an organization e.g.
Operations – co – ordination of activities

With or without activities these are necessities in the existence of any living organization and all these are cost effective .The C.E>O is the official adviser to the board in relation to what is required within and without the organization.

AOB ITEM 2 MIN 7/4/2004:- MACOSUD /ITDG Officers advised that its always wise to put off all the creditors within which the organization depend on for its operations. There fore the chairperson ordered the secretary and the treasurer to prepare the creditors dues and their balances to be met and, make a requisition of such funds to clear such outstanding bills the soonest possible.

AOB ITEM 3 MIN 8/4/ 2004: Doppas breed a task force of three people the secretary Peter Mang`ala,Edward Kiio and Annah Kioko to meet and make an MOU that will be guiding and controlling the breeding system among the farmers. These will help to control in Breeding and also even distribution of the breed within Mtito Andei.

There are being no other business the meeting ended with a word of prayer by Mr. John Maundu at 5.55 P.m.

Prepared by MDI Secretary
Peter Mang`ala

Confirmed by the Chairman.


The meeting started with a word of prayer by Alice Ngosi at 11.45 am. The chairperson Mr. John Maundu had an apology of chairing the meeting because is an well and delegated vice chairperson to chair the meeting .Mr. Daniel Kamuti.

Mr. Daniel Kamuti 1. Titus Kisavi
Mrs. Annah Kioko 2. Martha Matuku
Mrs. Alice Ngosi 3. Grace Mwaniki
Mr. Edward Kiio
Mr. John Maundu
Mr. Peter Mang`ala

Previous Minutes of 14/09/2004.
Matters arising
Trap census.
MDI Position.

MIN 1: 28/09/2004.: The previous minutes were read to the members and confirmed as
true copy of the issues discussed in the previous meeting.
Proposed by Alice Ngosi and secondly by John Maundu.

MIN 2: 28/09/2004 Matters arising from previous meeting
The constitution draft review issues imaged as to who will be electing the board members .It was realized that the constitution review requires a full quorum of the stake holders. The final constitution amendments will be done through consultation from other existing CBO`S.
The MDI /MCC meeting was deferred until further notice.
The IGA of slaughter house .The MDI officer to write a request letter to the clerk to council and forward the soonest possible.
The honey funds which was an divanced to Darajani honey processing group to improve the unit has been revoked and be recovered from the F/ officer Peter Mang`ala who is a member of the group a total of 28,500/= and MDI start it's own project.
The treasurer to prepare a financial statement report as per the allocation. This will be presented in a special meeting on 7/10/2004. at 10.00am.
The office rent is over due and board resolute the rent should be paid 4 months worth 8,000/=

MIN 2:28/09/2004.:TRAP CENSUS: The field officer to continue with the census to ensure we get6 the exact number of traps in the project area. Identify any short coming in the monitoring system.
``B'' All the monitoring reports be should be at the office by the first Monday of the last week of the month, and compiled for filling in the office.

MIN 3:28/09/2004.: MDI Position:
As an organization there is to create a post of a C.E.O who will be fund raising and managing MDI project assisted by the F/Officer .These will be full time employees of the organization.

A criteria to be made and a divertissement be done for qualified people to apply.

University Graduate
Computer literate
A minimum 2 years experience on community development work.
Posses fund raising skills
Fluent in English and Kiswahili
Good public relation capability
Between 25 – 40 years of age
Accounting knowledge is an added advantage.

AOBI 28/09/2004: MDI to diversify funding partnership both in material, relations and cash to enable MDI have independence in project implications.
There being no any other issues the meeting is declared closed until next meeting on 7/09/2004.

Prepared by MDI Secretary,
Peter Mang`ala.

Monday, 27 November 2006


To alleviate poverty in the Mtito Andei community through adaptive and sustainable health, income generating activities and observance of peace and justice